Political Repression in the Philippines

Please join us for a virtual discussion on the violent repression faced by the Filipino people under the Duterte regime, the strategies of resistance against it, and what role American imperialism continues to play in this violence.

Freedom Summer Film Series: I Am Cuba (1964)

The People's Forum 320 West 37th Street, New York, NY, United States

A study in contrasts set in and around Havana that explores Cuba's 1959 revolution. The film's stunning cinematography led to its resurgence in the early 1990s and has been restored and rereleased several times.

Intro to Drawing

The People's Forum 320 West 37th Street, New York, NY, United States

Let’s embark on an exploration of the history of drawing and technique. We'll learn about its aesthetic variation based on cultural and sociopolitical circumstances, as well as its use as a catalyst of self-expression and collective knowledge.

Freedom Summer Film Series | Eyes of the Rainbow

The film is a documentary about Assata Shakur, consisting primarily of a personal interview with Assata herself on the day her mother died as she recounts her experience as a political prisoner in the United States.


This is a platform for you to use for your individual or collective study. While it can be used for you to study on your own, we know that no revolutionary process happens in isolation. We encourage you to set up study groups and host regular discussions with your friends and comrades.

Freedom Summer Film Series + Q&A: Cuban Roots / Bronx Stories

Cuban Roots/Bronx Stories highlights the historical journey of an Afro-Cuban family, from Jamaica, to Cuba, to the Bronx, revealing that the Cuban-American experience is more diverse, racially and ideologically, than we are often led to believe.

Book Talk and Discussion: The Anti-Capitalist Chronicles

The People's Forum 320 West 37th Street, New York, NY, United States

Join us at The People's Forum (320 W 37th St) for a book talk and discussion on David Harvey's newest book: The Anti-Capitalist Chronicles, A Primer for How to be An Anti-capitalist in the 21st Century. Joined by Chris Caruso, Vijay Prashad, and Michael Blim.

CALL FOR ART - Artists Against Apartheid