We are a group of organizers, educators, visionaries, cultural workers, thinkers and fighters committed to the systemic transformation of a society rooted in equity, justice and human dignity.


Manolo De Los Santos

Executive Director

Manolo De Los Santos is a founder of the People’s Forum and a researcher at Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. His writing appears regularly in Monthly Review, People’s Dispatch, CounterPunch, La Jornada, and other progressive media. He coedited, most recently, Viviremos: Venezuela vs. Hybrid War (LeftWord, 2020), Comrade of the Revolution: Selected Speeches of Fidel Castro (LeftWord, 2021), and Our Own Path to Socialism: Selected Speeches of Hugo Chávez (LeftWord, 2023).

Contact Manolo at manolo.e@peoplesforum.org

Layan Fuleihan

Education Director

Layan is a popular educator, organizer, and lifelong student of historical and contemporary struggles of the oppressed. Layan developed her educational approach while working with youth and families in schools, libraries, and community and feminist organizations. In her role at TPF, she is committed to developing political education programming and resources to support the building of working class, internationalist movements.

Layan approaches her work with optimism and the conviction that a world free from the control of imperialism and capitalism is possible. When not studying or organizing, Layan cooks for friends, enjoys poetry, and dreams of returning to a liberated Palestine.

Contact Layan at layan.f@peoplesforum.org

Saidi Moseley

Education Coordinator

Saidi was born on the beautiful and bountiful island of Jamaica and migrated to NY at the age of 6. She is a graduate from the University of Virginia, where she studied Sociology and Foreign Affairs. Inspired by radical Black Feminist thought and popular education, Saidi is passionate about liberatory education and youth development.

Before joining TPF, she lived and worked in the Caribbean, with a range of organizations advocating for comprehensive sexual education and gender justice in the region, as well as furthering research on Black women and girls. As an Education Coordinator, she develops programming and coordinates courses. Outside of TPF, you can find her dancing, laying in the sun, and eating chocolate chip cookies.

Contact Saidi at saidi.m@peoplesforum.org

Kate Gonzales

1804 Books Editorial Coordinator

Kate is passionate about the ability of reading to educate and inspire our communities. At 1804 Books, Kate oversees the day-to-day of the store, edits for the press, and slings books to all curious passersby! Born and raised in NYC, she has worked in development and education for arts and political organizations, and organized with grassroots movements in Hungary and New Jersey. Kate studied Anthropology at Bard College, where she wrote her thesis on Filipino migrant nationalism.
In her free time, Kate makes music and dances, plays video games, and cooks Filipino breakfast for anyone patient enough to wait for her garlic rice. Her favorite color is green, always has been, always will be.

David Chung

General Manager

David is the General Manager at The People’s Forum where he handles administrative responsibilities and supports the effective operation of The People’s Forum.

David was born in Korea, immigrated at the age of three, and grew up in Woodside, NY. Before joining TPF, David held roles in development, advocacy campaign coordination, and community organizing in various organizations. David first started organizing in 2012 because of his lived experiences as an immigrant.

A graduate of Hunter College yet he credits his political education and principles to movement organizers and working class communities. During his free time, David enjoys being outdoors and taking long walks with his dog.

Contact David at david.c@peoplesforum.org

Ryan Hamby

Operations Manager

Ryan is the Operations Manager at The People’s Forum where he helps to maintain the day-to-day workings and coordinate activities in the space.Ryan was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He moved to Montana when he was 16 and later moved to Pennsylvania, where he became involved in political organizing. He then moved back to his home in Denver, where he helped to build community and political organizations before moving to New York.Ryan is committed to building working-class power and fighting for a better world. He loves to spend time with his dog, to cook, and to read.

Contact Ryan at ryan.h@peoplesforum.org

An African-American woman with purple box braids stands with her arms crossed.

Bria Benjamin

Communications Coordinator

Bria is a multi-disciplinary artist from Dallas, Texas currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She studied Advertising at the University of Texas at Austin. After a few years spent in corporate advertising and organizing work through mutual aid, she is excited to join The People’s Forum as Communications Coordinator!

No matter the medium, she lives by the words of Toni Cade Bambara: “The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.”

You can reach Bria at .

Hannah Craig

Art Space Coordinator

Hannah is an artist, designer, performer, and organizer dedicated to building movements of art and culture on the left. Originally from the Midwest, Hannah studied theater and performance art at Antioch College, worked at Headlands Center for the Arts in the Bay Area, built an international collective of performance artists, and developed a professional practice as a graphic designer in Los Angeles before making her way to New York to work with the People’s Forum.

In her role in the art space, Hannah coordinates artist residencies, organizes art classes and workshops, and develops art exhibitions and cultural programming. Hannah builds with the confidence that revolution is possible—in her work in the art space and beyond, Hannah lives by Claudia Jones’ powerful words: “a people’s art is the genesis of their freedom.”

Contact Hannah at hannah.c@peoplesforum.org

Woman with curly hair crosses her arms and smiles.

Yosan Alemu

Research Assistant

Yosan Alemu was born in Asmara, Eritrea and immigrated to the United States when she was four years old. She grew up in the Midwest, before making her way to New York, where she lives now. Yosan studied Comparative Literature at Columbia University, and she is passionate about reading, writing, and radical pedagogy.

Contact Yosan at yosan.a@peoplesforum.org

Man smiles wearing a Pan-African necklace.

Tajee Bounds

Education Coordinator