The Haydée Santamaría Lending Library at the People’s Forum, as the strong backbone that supports our community members’ intellectual growth and collective study, is always in need of donations from individuals, organizations, and publishers.

We are looking for books in these subject matters:

  • Indigenous studies/ Native-American history
  • Radical books in non-English languages
  • Global History (e.g. African, Middle Eastern, South Asian, Southeast Asian, East Asian, and Latin American Studies)
  • Political/Social Movement Histories
  • Gender/Sexuality Studies
  • Race and Struggles for Racial Justice
  • Left Social Theory and Political Economy
  • Memoirs and Fiction by Activists, Revolutionaries, and LGBTQIA people

If interested in donating books, please send an email to our Education Coordinator, Layan Fuleihan, at Please do not drop off unsolicited book donations!