**The People’s Café is temporarily closed.  Please check back for updates!**


As long as people are gathering, we are brewing up fair trade, responsibly sourced coffee and tea. We are a meeting place, a get-to-work place, an ideal setting for incubating social good. We want strangers to unite over a common cause, or work through their differences and find commonality. And by feeding them, we create community.

Breaking bread together is one of the oldest ways in the world for people to get to know each other. Who can think straight when they’re hungry? Over nourishment and conversation there is time to pause and listen to each other. To consider another point of view. To agree, and to disagree.

The People’s Café creates affordable food for all who come together in this space. The scent of baking accompanies every meeting! We use iconic, familiar recipes from all over the world, and call it global neighborhood cuisine, simple food well prepared, from folks who know what it should taste like. And we work with as fresh ingredients as we can find, mostly left alone.

Nothing is premade, nothing is pre-mixed. We start from scratch each day. Luckily, we’re powered by the fair trade, certified organic coffee and tea from responsible global suppliers from our beautiful new coffee bar. Join us! Whether you’re one of our members, or just someone strolling by, you are welcome. No one is excluded from good food and conversation.