Our People’s Cafe is fully open with an exciting new menu. If you are interested in catering, contact us at cafe@peoplesforum.org.

As long as people are gathering, we are brewing up fair trade, responsibly sourced coffee and tea. We also serve beer, wine, cider, and bottled drinks. We are a meeting place, a get-to-work place, an ideal setting for incubating social good. We want people to unite over a common cause, or work through their differences and find commonality.

Breaking bread together is one of the oldest ways in the world for people to get to know each other. Over nourishment and conversation, there is time to pause and listen to each other. To consider another point of view. To agree, and to disagree. By creating a space for dialogue and discourse, we hope to contribute to community building.

The People’s Café creates affordable food for all who come together in this space.

Join us! Whether you’re one of our members, or just someone strolling by, you are welcome. No one is excluded from good food and conversation.

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