• April 24, 2019: Our Bodies’ Wisdom: Trauma-Informed Self Massage and Self Care

    In this two hour workshop, we will have an overview of trauma and the role of massage therapy in addressing it. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice the proper techniques for self-massage along with the benefits massage can have on the body after trauma. Some of these techniques include acupressure, hand and feet reflexology and guided breathing meditation.

  • April 25, 2019: RAIZ UP: Honoring the legacy of Nipsey Hussle

    For this edition of RAIZ UP, let’s honor the legacy of Nipsey Hussle, and the commitment of building our communities from within, promoting values and principles that uplift us to build people power, defy systems of oppression and build alternatives.

  • April 26, 2019: Film Screening: Tout Va Bien

    Godard and Gorin’s film, unpopular and hardly viewed when released, emerges nearly 50 years later as a film with increasing relevance to the days as lived during this late capitalist period. One can see many of the participants in this film wearing gilets jaunes if the film were being shot today.

  • April 26, 2019: Book Launch: Being and Insurrection

    Join us, along with writer/philosopher A. Shahid Stoverand professor LaRose T. Parris for an engaging and critical dialogue about Being and Insurrection, a work of existential liberation theory rooted in lived Black experience.

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