“There Is A Field” U.S. Premiere

Asel was a Palestinian teenager who was murdered by Israeli police as he participated in a demonstration, calling for an end to the Israeli occupation and settler-colonization. There Is A Field began as a play about Asel’s life and his death, told from the perspective of his older sister, Nardin.

Arabic Language Course and Film Club – Conversational Intermediate

Reviews topics covered in year 1 & 2 Arabic. Covers grammar review, vocabulary building, and text editing; focus is on developing conversational skills, as well as analyzing and critically engaging with various colloquial Arabic cultural productions. Includes a biweekly film screening and discussion!


Many subjects and languages! Come by and take some books home. Please wear a mask. 


This is a platform for you to use for your individual or collective study. While it can be used for you to study on your own, we know that no revolutionary process happens in isolation. We encourage you to set up study groups and host regular discussions with your friends and comrades.


The People's Forum 320 West 37th Street, New York, NY, United States

Every week, we are putting together a media digest with a selection of articles that help us to maintain a working class, internationalist analysis of the crisis.


In this virtual training, we will learn about the history of street medicine and gain basic skills to effectively and safely prepare for protests, anticipate and recognize care needs, and apply critical first aid during and after demonstrations.


Building revolutionary feminist consciousness and practice is necessary for working class struggles today. In this course, we will investigate and discuss revolutionary feminist theory and practice through study, dialogue, and collaborative work. Applications due Friday Nov 13!

Berta Cáceres and the anti-patriarchal struggle

Berta Cáceres broke down barriers of racism, sexism and colonialism in her bold and revolutionary work and brought many along with her. Today, there are many Bertas who continue to take her legacy forward. 

Canto Libre! A concert against gender based violence

Canto Libre! A concert against gender based violence commemorates the 39th year of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and celebrates the historical struggles and legacies of women who have dedicated themselves to systemic and structural change, and the creation of revolutionary processes.

Teach In: US Aggression on China: Laying Out the Problem

In the face of growing, bipartisan US aggression on China, misinformation, racist narratives, and warmongering make it difficult to understand the situation clearly. Why is the US escalating economic, ideological, and with threats of military aggression on China? How is this being done? What are the stakes?

CALL FOR ART - Artists Against Apartheid