Hector Luis Rivera is a Bronx born Boricua poet and song writer, performing since 1990. For 16 years, he co-led the Welfare Poets, scripting rap, Puerto Rican sones de bomba, and Puerto Rican plenas. Following his move to Chicago in 2006, and extending to this day, Hector enriched the genre of Puerto Rican bomba with dozens of new songs in different rhythms, sung throughout the diaspora and on the Puerto Rican archipelago. Hector continues to enjoy “painting pictures with words” and giving emotions melodic interventions via various poetic and song styles.

Past Classes with Hector Rivera

January 1, 2022 @ 11:30 am


4-week VIRTUAL poetry workshop with longtime poet, cultural worker, and organizer, Hector Rivera, with the theme "we must dare to invent the future."
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