A Pause Is Just That: A Pause — We Demand a Permanent Ceasefire!

November 22, 2023

The steadfast resilience and resistance of the Palestinian people has delivered a 4-day pause in the ongoing genocide while securing the imminent release of 150 Palestinian political prisoners. 

The global movement for Palestinian liberation has played a large role in creating and sustaining the global pressure against the Zionist regime — pressure that has temporarily forced Israel’s hand. Nevertheless, a pause is just that: a pause. At a time of unprecedented global outrage and awareness of the genocide against the Palestinian people, the upcoming weeks are critical. We must intensify our commitment and efforts until every single one of our demands is fulfilled: a permanent ceasefire, an end to the siege on Gaza, and an end to all US, Canadian, and European aid to Israel.

Israel delayed this deal to continue its depraved and genocidal campaign against the Palestinian people. With the murder of over 14,000 civilians since October 7, the scale and depth of the apartheid regime’s murderous campaign demonstrate that it has every full intent of continuing its rampage once the pause ends.

The call to action continues this Friday at Shut It Down for Palestine actions across the world, and Saturday at the National March on Ottawa, Canada. Join us and remain with us in the weeks and months ahead, as we continue to push our demands forward.

Our fight for liberation transcends any temporary pause or humanitarian concessions. We call on people of conscience everywhere to Shut it Down on November 24th and to continue protesting, planning and implementing direct actions, and drive campaigns focused on our primary demands. We vow to remain steadfast until every single Palestinian is free, and Palestine is again ours, from the river to the sea.

Palestinian Youth Movement

National Students for Justice in Palestine

The People’s Forum

ANSWER Coalition

International Peoples’ Assembly

To learn more about the #ShutItDown4Palestine campaign, to register an action or to find one near you, please visit shutitdown4palestine.org.