Our statement on the action today ALL OUT FOR PALESTINE

October 8, 2023

We condemn the actions of Governor Hochul of New York, who has gone to social media to recklessly incite hatred toward New Yorkers who are coming together today in a planned protest in support of the Palestinian people, an action organized in accordance with cherished, constitutionally protected First Amendment rights.

We are supporting the Palestinian people who are resisting an illegal occupation and apartheid imposed by the Israeli government.

We are demanding that the US end all aid to the state of Israel. These taxpayer funds are being used to deprive the Palestinians of basic human rights. The government speaks in our name but not with our consent. That’s why we are protesting today!

In 2018, Israeli snipers killed more than 250 Palestinian people and more than 800 were wounded by sniper fire when the people in Gaza engaged in non-violent protests at the Wall that the Israelis erected around Gaza. More than 20,000 were injured. The United Nations condemned the Israeli the use of extreme force against the participants. These were peaceful protestors who were gunned down simply because they were demanding the right to return to their ancestral homes that were illegally seized by Israeli occupation forces. When a government employs murderous violence to prevent an oppressed people from using non-violent forms of struggle it inevitably leads to the use of armed resistance. That’s what we are witnessing today.

The reckless comments of Governor Hochul will not deter us from exercising our right to protest today.


Manolo De Los Santos, Executive Director of The People’s Forum


Here’s our response to Governor Kathy Hochul on Twitter.


Action details:

🚨1PM, Sunday October 8
📍 Times Square, Broadway and 42nd St, New York City

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