Russell Dale is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Lehman College, CUNY as well as the long-time instructor for the NYC Marxist Studies Collective which has been holding courses since the Spring 2009 semester at the Brecht Forum. Russell is also an activist involved in various issues around the NYC area and served for many years with the group Justice and Unity on the Local Station Board of radio station WBAI. Russell is also on the Manuscript Collective and Editorial Board of the Marxist journal Science & Society.

Past Classes with Russell Dale

February 15, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

Marx's Capital, volume one (1)

Seminar of the NYC Marxist Studies Collective at the People's Forum conducted by Russell Dale. This course will be a careful reading of the first third of Marx's great economic analysis and critique of capitalism, Capital, volume one. This will be the first of three consecutive courses (Spring, Summer, Fall 2019) in which we will carefully read and discuss the entire work.
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