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June 9 @ 6:30 pm - June 10 @ 6:30 pm

70 years after the signing of the Korean War armistice, the Korean peninsula remains divided and no peace treaty has yet been signed to officially end the war. While US and global audiences are bombarded with negative propaganda about north Korea, little attention is given to ongoing US military threats against the DPRK, south Korean repression of labor organizers and reunification activists, or the efforts of Korean people around the world to achieve the peaceful and independent reunification of our country.

As the US escalates militarily in Korea as part of its new Cold War against China, there is an urgent need for US-based organizers to develop their understanding of the Korean situation and the significance of the Korean reunification struggle as a vital front in the anti-imperialist cause. There is also a clear historical duty for overseas Koreans to build a front for reunification and national liberation within the heart of empire. 

This course is designed and facilitated by Nodutdol for Korean Community Development—an organization of overseas Koreans and comrades struggling for the reunification and national liberation of our country, and for a world free of imperialism.

Join us for a 2 part class, where we will investigate Korea’s historical development from the end of the 19th century to the present in the context of the global imperialist system. Participants will learn about the conditions of Korea’s division, the construction of socialism and capitalism in the divided peninsula, and the pillars of the ongoing US war against the Korean people.



June 9, 6:30 – 8:30 PM ET

June 10 , 3 – 5 PM ET

This two-part lecture series will happen just before Nodutdol’s scheduled June 24th Korean War anniversary event at The People’s Forum. Participants are highly encouraged to attend this event as a supplement to deepen the knowledge acquired through this course, and to build relationships of solidarity with Nodutdol and other Korean reunification organizations.



June 9 @ 6:30 pm
June 10 @ 6:30 pm
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