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May 9, 2020 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Wall Street Charging Bull

Join us online (May 9th at 5pm EDT) for a film screening of the Poor People’s Tour of Wall Street, followed by a virtual panel discussion featuring tour creator and guide John Wessel McCoy of the Kairos Center, filmmaker Chris Nizza, and members of The People’s Forum. **RSVP below for instructions to join!**

What’s your relationship to Wall Street? Maybe you’re an “essential worker” on the frontline of the pandemic, putting your own life on the line everyday with no hazard pay and little to no protection for your own health. Perhaps you’re an unemployed or underemployed person fearing how your family will come through these times with nothing but a $1200 stimulus check. Maybe you were already trying to survive unhoused, unemployed, and uninsured well before Covid 19 arrived. For some of us, the fears and uncertainties we’re experiencing may feel new. For a lot of us, crisis started long before the Spring of 2020. Each day it becomes more clear that the representatives of Wall Street are willing to let masses of people die in the name of their ability to accumulate wealth. And Wall Street has a much bigger voice at present when it comes to how the state responds to the crisis, and what are the priorities. To be clear, the priority is to make the wealth flow up.

WALL STREET TRAILER2 from Peter Kinoy on Vimeo.

“A Poor People’s History of Wall Street” can help bring a historical perspective to our moment.  Each history-drenched street corner on this tour conjures the ghosts of the poor and dispossessed who built the world in which we live.  Starting with the enslaved black workers who created fortunes for these Wall Street banks, we connect the past to the present. How does the ruling class organize and assert its interests?  How have people struggled against the power of Wall Street over history? How has Wall Street benefitted from the strategy of divide and conquer to keep us disorganized and disunited? How can knowing this history help orient the strategy of the organized poor and dispossessed today?  Take 30 minutes to walk the streets of Lower Manhattan, along with leaders of the New York State Poor People’s Campaign as we trace the history of Wall Street.

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