Every few months we stand outraged at yet another Supreme Court ruling that favors a conservative agenda and ultimately hurts the working class and marginalized. Most recently, on June 24, 2022, Roe v. Wade was overturned, ending our constitutional right to abortion. This is the most recent chapter in a Constitution that has become progressively more neoliberal and beholden to capitalist, ruling class interests. Yet beyond this overturning, historically, the Constitution has been interpreted to suppress unionization, break down government regulation of monopolies, affect campaign finance legislation, and more. 

In this teach-in, taught by Professor Ashraf Ahmed, we will break down the intentional obfuscation of the system. We’ll discuss the history of the Supreme Court, historically contextualize how the Constitution has been used to progress different political agendas, and study what happened with Roe v. Wade. We will open space to discuss what we can do as organizers, activists, and people in struggle.