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March 5, 2021



Application form (Deadline is Wednesday, March 10)


Culture is at the heart of the conception of ideas and consciousness. Therefore, culture and the arts must be at the center of movement building. During this 8 week virtual school, we will explore cultural production within its historical, political and economic context. We will look at  the role of the state in the production, circulation and consumption of culture, and study alternative models of cultural production and distribution. 

To accompany the learning process, participants will work on a collective project throughout the 8 weeks. Participants will choose to work in one of five mediums: Multimedia, Visual Arts, Poetry, Writing, or Music/Song. 


Study blocks for the program are: 


Class topics include:

The Marxist Method
Political Economy: Production, Distribution and Consumption
The Role of the State in Cultural Production
Art and Culture in Anti imperialist and Anti colonial Struggles
The  Socialist Imaginary and Cultural Policy



Historically and today, the ruling class has utilized the many forms of culture and technological development, to shape public opinion and advance their economic and political agenda. Since the rise of neoliberalism, global capitalism, and imperialism have contributed to a worldwide culture of rugged individualism, alienation, and consumerism. Hence, disuniting and disempowering the international working class. The battle to shift what the global ruling class has shaped as the “common sense” of the masses, determined to manufacture “peaceful” consent, has become a great challenge for the working class’ social movements worldwide. 

Our task, as revolutionaries,  to contest the ideological terrain of the people, and construct the “good sense” that moves the hearts and minds of the masses towards our class interests is more important than ever. 

In our current context, it is significantly important for revolutionary movements to study and gain a deeper understanding of the capitalist cultural hegemony while unearthing, reclaiming, and equipping ourselves with lessons from our revolutionary history in preparation for the cultural and ideological battle. History teaches us that it is possible to foster working-class values and ideology, raise the level of our struggles, and win political and economic power.


This course is intended for those who have had some political education experience in the past (inside or outside the classroom!), and that are prepared to commit to participating in the sessions as well as studying in preparation for the sessions. 

We will give priority to those who are actively involved in political and social organizations, and that are engaged in, or plan to be engaged in, addressing questions of cultural work and/or political education in their organization.

This course is open to all genders, identities, and backgrounds.

Class teachers are experienced popular educators in political education for people’s organizations. We will also have opportunities to hear from public intellectuals, organizers, and movement leaders.


For those who are interested but unable to attend the class schedule, we will provide resources for self study to the general public on our resource platform: politicaleducation.peoplesforum.org

 Email  layan.f@peoplesforum.org with questions.



The program starts on March 17th and runs through May 12th. 

Sessions are held twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 PM EDT.  Some variations in this schedule may occur. *Work groups may need to meet outside of the scheduled times as well. 

An orientation call with all participants will be held on March 17th at 6:30 PM EDT. This will be an opportunity to meet the cohort of participants, hear from the organizations represented in the course, and ask any questions you may have about the program. We will also share study strategies and tips during this time.


To apply, please submit your information using this form by Wednesday, March 10. 

If you have any questions, please contact Layan at layan.f@peoplesforum.org


March 5, 2021
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