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January 9

We are excited to share with you all the resources and materials from the first four weeks of our Revolutionary Feminism Course!  If you were interested in this course but couldn’t participate this time around, or if you need some reading material during this winter break, or if you just want to see what this is all about- check our resource platform! You will find study materials and discussion prompts for the following classes:

Methods in Marxist Feminism

Political Economy of Patriarchy: Origins

Political Economy of Patriarchy: Imperialism

Major Debates in Marxist Feminist Theory and Praxis


TPF’s political education resource platform is for you to use for your individual or collective study, where we will organize and publish materials from all our courses. Before you begin, read through our ABOUT section, and definitely check out the STUDY TIPS under the RESOURCES section for some ideas on how to organize your notes and your time. Make sure you also read through the METHODOLOGY we use, so that you can adapt these resources to your interests and needs.

While this site can be used for you to study on your own, we know that no revolutionary process happens in isolation. We encourage you to set up study groups and host regular discussions with your friends and comrades.


January 9