We host accessible educational programming that contributes to building and strengthening popular movements in New York City and beyond as well as a revitalized non-sectarian left intellectual culture rooted in the struggles of the poor and dispossessed.

Our educational programming includes topics such as: history, political economy, social theory, racial/gender/LGBTQIA/immigrant justice, collective strategies for organizing, liberation theology, and many others—with an internationalist focus. Driven by our organizational commitment to building unity across historic lines of division, our programming covers a wide range of subjects, movements, and pedagogical methods.


Upcoming Classes

December 3 @ 7:00 pm


**Fall Class!!** Ever wanted to learn Filipino? Through this beginner’s course, not only will we be studying the language itself, but also the history of the Filipino people and the socio-cultural context that helped shape the national language.
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December 4 @ 3:00 pm

Arabic Language Course- High Beginner

This course reviews topics covered in Beginner Arabic course. Expands vocabulary and idiomatic expressions; focus is on colloquial Arabic and differences among varieties.
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December 4 @ 6:00 pm

Arabic Language Course- True Beginner

This course is designed for students who had no prior experience with learning Arabic. It introduces students to Arabic alphabet and covers the basics of reading, writing and grammar; focus is on pronunciation, oral fluency, colloquial Arabic and differences among varieties, in relation to formal Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).
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