In this biographical film, we follow the story of Carlos Marighella, a Brazilian Marxist Leninist revolutionary and guerrilla fighter, who is most known for writing the Minimanual of the Urban Guerilla.

Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente: Entrevista en vivo!

Necesitamos enterrar la dominación del capital sobre la vida, construir un mundo justo, igualitario y hermoso, para que todas y todos podamos vivir bien y en paz. Acompáñenos en una conversación con Zoe PC, de People's Dispatch, y Carlos Marentes, del Border Agricultural Workers Project.


Paul & Eslanda Robeson Cinema 320 West 37th Street, New York, NY, United States

In this film based on a true story, the poet Missak Manouchian leads a mixed bag of youngsters and immigrants in a clandestine battle against the Nazi occupation. Twenty-two men and one woman fighting for an ideal and for freedom. News of their daring attacks, including the assassination of an SS general, eventually reaches Berlin.

The People’s Market

The People's Market is back! We are so excited to have cultural workers, artists, and makers back in the space.  Shop zines, art, handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, healing activities, herbal teas, etc.

The Impact of the Pandemic in Brazil

In a partnership with The People’s Forum, BRADO-NY (Brazilian Resistance Against Democracy Overthrow), Coletivo Reconvexo and Mulheres da Resistência no Exterior invite you to join us to discuss the context related to the pandemic, the return of the largest Latin American country back to the world hunger map and the prospect for the upcoming years.

Our Tuesday Girl: An Unfurling for Dr. Margaret T. G. Burroughs

Virtual Event with The People's Forum

Dr. Margaret T. G. Burroughs was an educator, community organizer, activist, artist, poet, historian and she had an immense influence on the political and cultural life of Chicago. Join us to consider how her prisoner education and support work is a model for current abolitionist organizers. 

Arabic Language • Summer and Fall 2021 COURSES

Virtual Event with The People's Forum

Algarabía Language Co-op is offering new Summer and Fall Arabic courses to those who are interested in learning Arabic with a focus on topics of social justice, cinema, media, and culture. Sign up now!

CALL FOR ART - Artists Against Apartheid