Makibaka Level 1

Ever wanted to learn Filipino? Through this beginner’s course, not only will we be studying the language itself, but also the history of the Filipino people and the socio-cultural context that helped shape the national language.

The Internationalist History of the Communist Manifesto

Virtual Event with The People's Forum

On the 173rd anniversary of the publication of Marx and Engel's The Communist Manifesto, join an interview and discussion between artist and organizer Niki Franco and historian and journalist Vijay Prashad on the internationalist history of the document, the liberation struggles it has inspired, and how it connects to people's movements today.


Virtual Event with The People's Forum

Join us as we commemorate the 173rd anniversary of the first publication of the Manifesto of the Communist Party by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. In coordination with Leftword Books and the International People’s Assembly, and to celebrate the internationalist history of the manifesto, we will be one of many groups around the world to virtually gather and read the text out loud in multiple voices and languages


Culture is at the heart of the conception of ideas and consciousness. Therefore, culture and the arts must be at the center of movement building. During this 8 week virtual school, we will explore cultural production within its historical, political and economic context.

Feminist Voices: International Anti-Imperialist Festival

Although the devastating pandemic has prevented many of us from joining together in person, we hope you can participate virtually in this festival and join us in celebrating the feminist struggle and raising our voices in unity for a future free of patriarchy, capitalism, and imperialism!

Teach-in: International Working Women’s Day

This teach-in is prepared and led by the participants of the most recent TPF course “Revolutionary Feminism: Theory and Practice.” We will explore how March 8 has been commemorated in regions across the world, and we will uplift examples of militant, working class women's organizations throughout history.

BOOK TALK: Memoirs of a Dalit Communist: The Many Worlds of R.B. More

Virtual Event with The People's Forum

More’s life, narrated in his words and those of his son Satyendra, illuminates the conflict between the promise of Marxist emancipation and the hard reality of the hierarchies of caste. Join Anupama Rao, Sheetal Chhabhria, Premilla Nadasen and Sudipta Kaviraj for a book talk and discussion on internationalist and anti-racist perspectives on caste, class, and social life.

Day of Solidarity with Haiti

A Festival in Solidarity with the people of Haiti. The Haitian people have been mobilizing in the streets and demanding the end of the dictatorship of President Jovenel Moïse. Despite the US government’s continued support for the Moïse regime, we know that the struggles of our comrades in Haiti are inescapably connected to the struggles of all working people around the world.