The People’s Forum condemns SCOTUS atrocious decision to overturn Roe v Wade

June 24, 2022

The People’s Forum joins the massive outrage across the country and condemns the Supreme Court’s atrocious decision to overturn Roe v Wade. The right to abortion was won through decades of struggle, and we refuse to accept this blatant violation of our civil and human rights. 

We refuse to accept the erasure of the decades of struggle that resulted in Roe v Wade, and the numerous lives that have been saved as a result of access to safe abortions and reproductive health care.

The attack on abortion rights is part of the US government’s attack against the working-class as a whole, particularly working-class women and LGBTQ+ people. It denies the very basic right to have control over one’s body, and sets a very dangerous precedent for further attacks on rights won through struggle, like same sex-marriage or access to contraception. It threatens the existence of accessible reproductive health centers, which often are the only means to access any health care for the poor and marginalized. Furthermore, it will criminalize women for exercising the human right to decide over their bodies. 

In a moment where working-class communities are suffering the impact of inflation, a deep economic crisis, and rising unemployment, this ruling will lead us on a path to an even deeper crisis in poor and working-class communities. 

We will not accept these attacks on our dignity and well being. Our fight against the rolling back of abortion rights is inherently connected to our struggles to access quality health care, housing, worker’s rights, food, free education, and all basic necessities that allow us to live dignified lives. 

It is clear that this is not the moment to stand by and wait.  This is a moment to stand up and fight back, to build coalitions, to study in community, to agitate, organize and mobilize.  We invite you to join mobilizations happening in your city. Join organizations taking up the fight. 

The People’s Forum is committed to this struggle and will join our people in the streets, and wherever we must, to advance this fight. We affirm that the struggle to save abortion rights is a human right. 

If we dare to fight, victory is certain! 


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