July 21, 2021
This week, we look at the consequences of the 60-year US blockade on Cuba, US weaponization of peoples’ discontent in Cuba for regime change, food riots and increasing impoverishment in South Africa, and worldwide chronic hunger in 2020.
Amid the campaign being waged against Cuba on social media and fueled by protests in response to food shortages and electricity cuts, hundreds took to the streets to defend the revolution. (Source: People’s Dispatch)

The 60 year-long US blockade, costing over $147.8 billion in damages, continues to strangulate the Cuban people. As people air frustrations over the shortages caused by the blockade and the US takes advantage of these campaigns, Cubans reiterate their demand to defend the revolution and end the blockade, which was recently supported by 184 countries in the UN General Assembly.

People’s Dispatch, 13 July 2021

[VIDEO] The US weaponizes Cuban people’s discontent over deteriorating living conditions for a regime change narrative. Rania Khalek and Manolo de los Santos discuss social media manipulation campaigns, US history of hybrid warfare in Cuba, and left resurgence in Latin America.

Breakthrough News, 13 July 2021

Spontaneous food riots erupt alongside unprecedented organized attacks on infrastructure in South Africa. While many desperate for food and goods took to the supermarkets due to the increasing impoverishment (including the 75% unemployed youth), distinct attacks on infrastructure may be under the auspices of kleptocratic elites’ loyalists and allies of recently-arrested, former president Jacob Zuma.

New Frame, 14 July 2021

720-811 million people faced chronic hunger in 2020, caused by the coronavirus, climate change and conflicts. Following the findings from a recent international multi-agency report, recommendations include increasing states’ social expenditure, tackling poverty, shifting to self-sustaining agriculture, and de-escalating conflicts.

People’s Dispatch, 13 July 2021

[VIDEO] Fred M’membe, leader of the Socialist Party of Zambia, is running for president in the upcoming August election. He discusses the failure of capitalist policies on the African continent, how his party’s platform can fix it, and the devastating impact of 30 years of neoliberal reforms imposed on Zambia.

Breakthrough News, 8 July 2021