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Rally & March: U.N. Vote to End the U.S. Blockade of Cuba
📣MARCH with us and many other organizations on October 29 in Times Square at 12pm, ahead of the UN General Assembly’s annual vote to end the blockade against Cuba.
Speaking of the Real Cuba: Statement by Casa de las Americas
In recent days we have received many messages from friends of Casa de las Americas and of the Cuban Revolution who ask with concern what is happening in our country. Are “the people” and “the government” really confronting each other? Is Cuba a "failed state" incapable of solving a crisis?
HELP: Our Neighbor’s House (CUBA) is on Fire
The United States loses nothing by being a good neighbor and lifting the 243 sanctions that prevent Cuba from recovering fully from this tragic moment.
Lift the blockade of Cuba and Gaza/Palestine now!
​Join Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas (AMED) Studies and The People's Forum in an open classroom to call for the lifting of the blockade of Cuba and Gaza/Palestine.
Freedom Summer Films | A Cuban Fight Against Demons
The film follows Juan Contreras, a landowner in a 17th-century Cuba whose unorthodox ideas and free-spirited lifestyle run afoul of the Church and the Spanish colonial bureaucracy.
Political Declaration of the 2022 Cuba May Day Youth Delegation
We, the young leaders and representatives of social and political organizations, student groups, labor unions, and cultural collectives in North America, assembled in La Habana, Cuba on 1 May 2022. We met with Cuban doctors, workers, students, artists, educators, LGBTQ
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Youth Delegation from the US visits Cuba for May 1st Celebrations
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Thursday April 28, 2022 Youth Delegation from the US visits Cuba for May 1st Celebrations On April 29, 2022, over 100 youth leaders from social justice movements in the United States are traveling to Cuba to
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International US-Cuba Normalization Conference
Organized by a broad-based united Coalition effort. The International US-Cuba Normalization Conference Coalition has gained over 2 years more than 5,000 members and contacts, affiliated organizations, and local groups and activists. Together the coalition works against US anti-Cuba sanctions and bellicosity on all fronts