Building revolutionary feminist consciousness and practice is necessary for working class struggles today. In this course, we will investigate and discuss revolutionary feminist theory and practice through study, dialogue, and collaborative work. Applications due Friday Nov 13!


Arabic Language Course- High Beginner

This course reviews topics covered in Beginner Arabic course. Expands vocabulary and idiomatic expressions; focus is on colloquial Arabic and differences among varieties.

CoronaShock and Art: A Conversation

Cultural workers from Venezuela, South Africa and China/Canada share experiences about building internationalism and finding hope in dark times


Arabic Language Course- True Beginner

This course is designed for students who had no prior experience with learning Arabic. It introduces students to Arabic alphabet and covers the basics of reading, writing and grammar; focus is on pronunciation, oral fluency, colloquial Arabic and differences among varieties, in relation to formal Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).


In the face of growing, bipartisan US aggression on China, misinformation, racist narratives, and warmongering make it difficult to understand the situation clearly. What can we as organizers, activists, students, workers, do to push for deescalation and an end to this US-imposed new cold war?

CoronaShock and Patriarchy

In the midst of this global health, political, economic, and social crisis, it is often women who bear the brunt of the cataclysmic shifts in daily life,  Join contributors to the study  CoronaShock and Patriarchy  to understand at the gendered impact of the pandemic and its implications for the fight against patriarchy worldwide.

From Malcolm X to Now: Struggle for Human Rights in the post-Trump Era

In 1964, Malcolm X spoke before the Organization of African Unity, calling for the United States to be indicted for its racist and systematic repression of Black people. Join in conversation with organizers and scholars who will help us reframe and better understand the struggle for human rights and black liberation.

Makibaka Level 1

Ever wanted to learn Filipino? Through this beginner’s course, not only will we be studying the language itself, but also the history of the Filipino people and the socio-cultural context that helped shape the national language.

Towards Puerto Rico’s Independence: Analysis and Perspectives

A panel discussion with Senator María de Lourdes Santiago Negrón, vice-president of the Puerto Rican Independence Party, and Manuel Lopez Lavandero with Frente Independentista Boricua to explore the current socio-economic and political context in Puerto Rico, the state of the independence struggle and, perspectives on the path towards Puerto Rico’s decolonization.